“Youth Leadership Tallahassee’s Government & Media Day with The James Madison Institute”
October 13, 2015 Some of the city’s top high school students had a chance to interact with government and media today. Thirty-five juniors with the group Youth Leadership Tallahassee were part of a program at The James Madison Institute. The students spent the day learning about the branches of government, the election process and how the media keeps government accountable. The Leon County Office of Financial Stewardship helped students understand how to balance a budget. The Institute says learning these skills at a young age helps create better and stronger citizens. “Our real goal for the day is to make government feel comfortable to them and more accessible to them, and them to know how they can be involved, whatever level they choose to be,” said Becky Liner, JMI’s executive vice president. Students had lunch with members of the government and media this afternoon, including our very own Abbey Maurer. They also visited the Florida Capitol and Supreme Court.