“11 p.m. Report: JMI’s School Choice Event”
January 29, 201511:07:33 PM: Parents choosing where and how their child goes to school: it sounds like a novel idea and it’s why this week is National School Choice Week. The James Madison Institute celebrated the week by hosting documentary filmmaker Bob Bowdon. Bowdon created education documentaries ‘The Cartel’ and ‘The Ticket.’ Guests were treated to a free screening of the film and heard Bowdon’s thought’s on school choice after a panel discussion.Bowdon: (Bowdon on how children feel about school choice) “Now that I have inner district choice and  district choice and I can go to a school outside of the school in the St. Louis are where I am. Now the teachers know my name before they didn’t know my name.”You can learn more about national school choice week by visiting schoolchoiceweek.com.Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oA4wVL4nfJo&list=UUI7_IXlKfE7nJ9RvkQvYQGQ