Mayor for a Day Workshop
By Natalie Rubino
October 7, 2014View broadcast here: http://www.wctv.tv/home/headlines/Mayor-for-a-Day-Workshop-278449571.htmlA group of juniors from Tallahassee high schools had the chance to play politics at city hall.Youth leadership Tallahassee students elected a mayor for the day. The group of about 20 students made mock campaign speeches and voted one of their peers mayor.Students even acted as media members firing questions at the mayoral candidates.Leaders say the workshop helps students understand it’s just as important to be aactive citizen as it is to be an elected official.Becky Liner, Executive Vice President of the James Madison Institute said, “To teach them mostly how to access their elected officials and how to be engaged and involved and that they don’t have to be elected to be involved in the process, that they can be as a citizen have a lot of impact on their community, their state, and their nation.”Andrew Gillum, Tallahassee Mayor elect was in attendance and explained to the students the role of Tallahassee mayor. Students ended the day hearing a court case at the Florida capitol building.