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Stacking Cash: Ways to Get Teens Focused on Personal Finance
It’s Time Teens Got Cents: Lessons on Financial ResponsibilityShe’s Got Cents: The Story of Eva Baker (Video)December 16, 2014—Eva Baker’s parents were getting a divorce, and her mother was trying to deal with her finances on her own. Baker and her mother were listening an audio book by finance guru Dave Ramsey in the car when a lightbulb illuminated.The Florida teen had been trying to figure out what her high school project would be about, and now she knew—a website for teens to learn about personal finance. “As I started searching online I found so many really great resources, obviously for adults to help them get out of debt,” Baker said in the interview above. “But there was nothing really for teens, by teens to help them not get there in the first place.”Her website, TeensGotCents.com, garnered attention of mainstream media outlets and helped launch a national discussion about how teens manage money. “My website is all devoted toward personal finance for teens. I talk about how to go to college debt free, how to get the best deals when you’re shopping, and even how to buy a used car,” Baker said.
Eva Baker and Rebecca Liner, EVP of The James Madison Institute
The James Madison Institute honored Baker with its Preston A. Wells, Jr. Student Award. “Eva took initiative creating a fun and informative tool that was lacking in the area of personal finance education for teens,” Dr. Bob McClure, JMI president and CEO, said in a statement. “Teens like Eva stand out for their ability to be proactive and resourceful. Her ability to connect teens with a topic that is important for their future success is truly a great contribution to the state of Florida.”Do you know a financially savvy teen? Or perhaps you are/were one? Share your money management tips and thoughts on personal finance in the comments.
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