By W. Stewart Clendinen, JMI Supporter, Law Enforcement Officer and Private Security ConsultantTags: Book Review Ted Nugent was an icon.  For those of us growing up in the late ‘70’s and heavily into rock and roll, he personified the music-driven wild lifestyle synonymous with sex, drugs and rock and roll; only, he didn’t do drugs.  It’s ironic that today, in my late forties, I again find myself drawn to him, only now not only for the killer music, but for his conservative writing, promotion, commentary, and political activism.  Ted is again an icon.To further date myself, my just-graduated high school senior, knowing my conservative leanings, gifted me for Father’s Day with a copy of Ted’s latest book, Ted, White, and Blue: The Nugent Manifesto.  I read it cover to cover.  Ted is not your usual conservative author.I found that if readers look past Ted’s bombast and hyperbole, they will find that at heart Ted’s ideas are mainstream conservative- the statement of one who chooses to express himself flamboyantly, and strategically executed to move the cause along, drawing attention to himself, and through him, the cause.  More power to him!  Throughout his writing it’s clear that Ted loves this country.  He’s also partial to our country’s founding Constitutional principles, its Founding Fathers, and is devilishly critical of her pathetic current condition and direction.  Ted Nugent is a patriot in its purest sense.Ted’s wholesome dedication hints at what’s between the pages:  “Dedicated to my wonderful family, friends, the U.S. Military Warriors, and my Blood Brothers everywhere.”  He continues targeting common conservative complaints and ideas in his own special personal way.  He tackles all the topics that any self-respecting mainstream conservative pundit would include and expound upon, including:  politics and religion, war, taxation, overblown federal spending, free enterprise, capitalism and the welfare state, the nuclear family as the fabric of society, racism, immigration, health care, energy policy and the drilling debate, global warming alarmism, 2nd Amendment freedoms and benefits, and multiple others.  Ted, White, and Blue is well organized, articulate and well researched with end notes running a full twenty-two pages.I found the book very entertaining, informative, engaging, conservative, and after realizing his bombastic purpose, I empathized with his view, and his cause.  Ted is again an icon.