By Francisco Gonzalez, JMI Development Director
As I go around the state speaking at tea parties and to other tea party-related grassroots groups like the “9-12” groups, there is something that is beginning to stand out to me: most of the people in these groups are women. In fact, most of them are also led by women. And most of those women happen to be mothers, who have children in grade school.For the past year I have wondered how so many groups have sprung up so fast. How are they organizing this effectively? How come the groups aren’t dying out, but instead shaping up? Why is there such a focus on education within these groups, especially civics education?It all makes sense now. This movement is led and dominated by women, particularly mothers. Our mothers are the ones responsible for taking care of us, making sure we keep on track, and when we do mess up, they are the ones ready to console us and help us get back to our core values. The tea party movement was made by mothers, but also made for mothers.The tea party movement has been mischaracterized as one of “angry white men.” In fact, the face of this movement is more than likely the face of your mother. A recent Quinnipiac poll confirms that 55% of tea party supporters are women. The new American tea party – it’s as American as apple pie.For more on this emerging movement of mothers, read this recent article in the Wall Street Journal or this one in the Politico.