Commentary: Bernie Sanders’ jobs-for-all guarantee would be disaster for U.S. economy

Recently, Democratic Socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders announced a plan to essentially nationalize work. That’s right: He is promoting a “jobs for all” plan that would create a federal guarantee of employment for all comers, at a $15-an-hour minimum wage. Back when I was an impressionable economics student at Florida [...]

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Florida city leaders, beware climate change lawsuits

Energy companies are operating in ways that are ever-cleaner and less carbon intense. Companies are producing abundant and available amounts of natural gas, thus helping to reduce our reliance on less clean fuels. (Susan Stocker/Staff file photo) Climate change activists are calling for Florida municipalities to join a wave [...]

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Tax Day Survey Findings

METHODOLOGY A survey of 1,343 American adults was conducted April 3-8, 2018, via SurveyMonkey Audience, with respondents representative of American households in terms of political ideology, age, region, and income distribution. A data analysis of individual income tax codes in all 50 states and the District of Columbia [...]

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2018 Legislative Summary

(pdf download) Statement on the 2018 Legislative Session from JMI’s President and CEO “The 2018 Florida Legislative Session was an important session for Florida’s future. The policy team at The James Madison Institute worked overtime in Tallahassee and beyond to inform state policymakers on efforts to advance limited government, [...]

Structural Reform for a More Prosperous Florida: Common Sense Solutions for Better Government

Introduction In June 1982, the valedictorian of Miami’s Palmetto High School gave what would be considered a relatively typical graduation speech. Much of it has been forgotten. However, in the concluding paragraphs, he made a bold claim – that he would change the world. Not that his class would, [...]

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Why are labor unions threatening the free speech rights of public employees?

J. Robert McClure | Feb 26, 2018 | Washington Examiner Online   For many years, public-sector unions have been subsidized by dues paid by nonunion employees who had no choice about whether to fork over their hard-earned money. Now, this practice – and the survival of labor unions as we know them [...]

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Opinion: Reform package making taxes easier again

J. Robert McClure | Feb 11, 2018 | Tallahassee Democrat Call me a simple optimist, or a happy warrior. Despite the seemingly daily headlines about the collapse of modern western civilization under this presidential administration, I believe the American Experiment is alive and well. The recent tax bill passed by Congress is [...]

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Sal Nuzzo: Companies in Florida are expanding with new tax law

Sal Nuzzo | Feb 06, 2018 | Florida Politics FedEx recently announced that employees will be issued wage raises and bonuses due to its predicted increase in revenue from the President’s new tax law. FedEx joins companies like BancorpSouth Bank, Spellex Corporation and RGF Environmental Group in Florida who have also made similar announcements. The new tax [...]

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