Name Florida scholarships after our state’s greatest educator | Opinion

By: Bill Mattox April 19, 2021 “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet,” William Shakespeare famously observed. But what about a school choice scholarship program? Could a name change leave a highly popular program suddenly smelling rank? That’s a question the Florida Legislature will soon have to [...]

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Flexible Scholarships Would Help Many Families

By William Mattox March 31, 2021 TALLAHASSEE – Harold and Talethia Edwards have a house full of precocious children. And to hear them describe their offspring is a veritable delight. There’s the musical son who plays five instruments. The studious daughter who skipped a grade and now tries to hide [...]

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Making Florida An “Education Destination”

How Consolidating School Choice Scholarships Will Help. A funny thing happened last fall while many governors were yielding to teacher union demands to keep schools closed: Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis not only found that it was safe to open schools, but that education policy could be a magnet for attracting new residents [...]

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2019 Legislative Wrap-up

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE June 3, 2019 CONTACT: Logan Elizabeth Padgett 850-386-3131 The James Madison Institute praises Gov. DeSantis and legislative leaders for passing transformative reforms this session  TALLAHASSEE, Fla. - New Governor Ron DeSantis, Senate President Galvano, House Speaker Oliva as well as the rest of the legislative body are [...]

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