“Across the nation, and here in Florida, voters expressed that their top issue of concern was economic opportunity and the future direction of the country. The overall results of this midterm election show that people are beginning to understand the problem with promoting bigger government as the ultimate solution to the issues facing Florida and our nation. Public policies that promote economic freedom allow Florida to flourish. Voters want to live in a state where opportunities and options abound, where jobs are plentiful, and where they have the resources available to achieve their dreams.”Last night, Sunshine State voters once again put their trust in Gov. Rick Scott and Florida’s Cabinet to ensure that our state remains dedicated to these principles now, and in the future. Congratulations to Gov. Scott, Attorney General Pam Bondi, Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater, and Commissioner of Agricultural Adam Putnam on their re-election, as well as to Florida’s Congressional Delegation and those in the Florida Legislature from both parties that won their races. We look forward to working with these leaders. It’s time now to set our sights on bigger, more challenging goals that secure a prosperous future for the people of Florida.”
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