By Francisco Gonzalez, JMI Development DirectorTags: Government Waste, Tea Party, Government TransparencyWhen I came across a recently developed iPhone application called “DIY Democracy” (Do-it-Yourself Democracy), I really thought I might need to switch from my Blackberry and get the iPhone. Our friends at The Prometheus Institute, who developed the app, keep promising me that there’s one coming for the Blackberry. I’m not sure I can wait that long.The DIY Democracy app for the iPhone allows users to expose government waste, organize protests, or simply hector government officials into finally fixing a long-neglected pothole – all in a matter seconds from the palm of your hand. Is this Tea Party 2.0?This is the first and, so far, only iPhone app available that connects you – the citizen – with what’s going on in government at the federal, state, and local level. You plug in your zip code, and the app connects you with all of the elected officials that represent you – from your U.S. Congressman to your state senator to your local school board.The app also plugs in letters formatted for specific issues. At the touch of a button, you can send a personalized letter from yourself to any of your elected officials. You can even challenge a local law, propose a local initiative, and even file to run for office!The founders of our country probably didn’t envision self-government being this easy. But now, there’s no excuse to get involved. Get the app and start making your voice heard.