Sunburn January 7, 2015 (Daily Email Circulation)JMI mention.CONTEXT FLORIDA: SCOTT’S SPEECH,  EDUCATION, FLORIDA BATTLEGROUND AND MOREOn Context Florida: Daniel Tilson offers an early “draft” of Gov. Rick Scott’s 2015 inaugural speech. Several days before the White House announced the U.S. would be normalizing relations with Cuba, William Mattox reports on a high school sophomore from Miami’s Little Havana neighborhood who extolled an educational program that has helped transform his life. Four years ago, Steve Schale wrote about how Florida stacked up to the other battleground states, responding to reporters’ calls questioning its swing state status. At least we are past that debate. Schale updates how the 2012 may have shaken up Florida’s place in the pantheon of competitive presidential states.Visit Context Florida to dig in.