By Chelsea Albers, JMI Intern and Florida State University Senior in International Affairs & Languages
The first Fall 2011 Madison Movie Night premiered on Florida State University’s campus on Wednesday, October 12 with the screening of The Cartel, directed by Bob Bowden. The event was cosponsored by the FSU College Republicans, Young Americans for Liberty, and the Tallahassee Young Republicans.The Cartel was released in 2009 and since then it has won eight awards and become a nationally renowned film. Documenting the vast corruption and extensive waste within the American education system (especially in New Jersey), the film has inspired many education reform activists, including New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. Christie is famous nation-wide for his willingness to address the very problems highlighted in this film and he has stated that The Cartel “helped to mold the final outline of what [he] would do if [he] were lucky enough to become governor”.We were also joined by former FSU President and founder of The James Madison Institute Dr. Stanley Marshall, who has been a pioneer in the field of education reform throughout his career.I highly encourage everyone to view The Cartel (it is currently available through Netflix). For those of you who were with us last night or have previously seen the film, what did you think? We welcome your feedback in the comment section below.