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Direct Primary Care Bill is on Florida House Agenda

January 10, 2018 | Heartland

Nuzzo says the bill will give patients more choices for health care.

“Enabling direct primary care to continue to function as it was intended, as an alternative to insurance, will enable more DPC practices to expand in the state and give patients and doctors something sorely needed: choice,” Nuzzo said.

Tax Reform Makes 2017 a Win for Trump and the Nation

J. Robert McClure | December 20, 2017 | Newsmax

In attempting to cut through all the media wailing, there are three things worth highlighting in the context not just of this tax debate, but of the first year of the Trump Administration. Collectively, they point to encouraging signs for the next three years, if we can maintain the momentum.


J. Robert McClure | December 20, 2017

By passing the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, Congress has kept its promise to the American people to reform the unwieldy federal tax code. For far too long families, entrepreneurs, and working Americans have struggled under the weight of a tax code that has stifled our economy and contributed to the enormous growth in the size and reach of the federal government. Lowering our corporate tax rate will provide a potent shot of energy to our economy, and the positive changes in individual rates and deductions will be felt by working Americans as soon as the withholding tables are adjusted.

3 Ways Conservatives Can Lead Criminal Justice Reform

J. Robert McClure | December 20, 2017 | World Net Daily

This trio of actions is just a small piece of a very broad conservative policy reform agenda that states must champion. As we seek to promote conservative principles and at the same time address the challenges impacting our society from scourges like addiction, it is my hope that states can be the shining example of how to lead the way forward.