The concept of federalism is as old as our republic. The United States was founded as a federalist society – made up of states serving as “laboratories of democracy.” The adherence to this principle is under threat, as an ever-expanding federal bureaucracy infringes upon states in ways that would make our founders cringe.

Most often, federal control is exerted indirectly – through financial ties in grants, reliance of federal dollars, and agency rulemaking. We stand ready to assist our policymakers in identifying ways to reduce the influence of federal bureaucracies in Florida’s affairs.

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The 2022 Journal

Click here to read the full version of The Journal Table of Contents  Building a Legacy MICHAEL DURDEN Florida as the “north star” of liberty means advancing ahead to the rest of the United States with the successes of the Sunshine State. That’s about to happen. Liberty and Opportunity for [...]

Federalism – Our Best Friend Right Now

By: Dr. Bob McClure April 15, 2020 It is hard to imagine today. But in 1788, roughly one year after the founding of our republic, ratification of the U.S. Constitution was in real doubt. Many feared that the Constitution provided too much centralized power to the federal government, risking a [...]

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James Madison Institute CEO calls Janus ‘win for free speech’

TALLAHASSEE — James Madison Institute CEO and President Bob McClure says the Janus decision is a win for free speech. "It's a very significant decision for public employees and for public employee unions," McClure said in an interview with The Florida Record. "The Supreme Court gave clear consent that [...]

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