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2020 Amendment Guide

Florida’s history with state constitutions is storied. We have had six different constitutions over our 175 years. Our most recent constitution was ratified just 52 years ago, and we possess more [...]

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Do you know someone who needs the 2020 ballot amendment information in Spanish? Click the link to find the 2020 Amendment Guide in Spanish!

What are the effects of passing the $15 minimum wage amendment? How will businesses be affected? Will the economy have the ability to support the wage increase?

For information on amendment 2, check out the 2020 Amendment Guide https://www.jamesmadison.org/2020-amendment-guide/

The last Amendment on the 2020 ballot is for a special homestead property tax discount! Click the graphic to see information about Amendment 6.

For more information about all 6 Amendments, take a look at the 2020 Amendment Guide: https://www.jamesmadison.org/2020-amendment-guide/

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