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Daniel Woodring

On this episode of "Pundits on the Porch," JMI's President and CEO Dr. Bob McClure interviews Daniel Woodring about President Trump's appointment of Judge Brett Kavanaugh and the history of [...]

The Startup Economy

By: Connor James With talk of the nation’s biggest companies including Facebook[1] and Google[2] holding a great deal of market share, it serves as a great time to look back to [...]

JMI 2018 Policy Priorities For The Center For Economic Prosperity

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Today is @Gayle_Harrell's birthday! Join us in wishing her a happy birthday!

"I would contend that if you voted for Donald Trump in 2016 with the sole hope of originalist Federal court appointments, then you have won big." Read @DrBobMcClure's latest @newsmax column "Forget the Tweets — Trump's Legacy Is the Supreme Court:" https://t.co/mJXNBMD3hs #sayfie

"Contrast the president’s Twitter style with his discipline and philosophical commitment to judicial nominations that favor protecting our Constitution as the Founder’s intended, & conservatives will be happy for the trade."@DrBobMcClure's @newsmax column: https://t.co/WZjDUgMcx1

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