The James Madison Institute Sponsors
Political Debate at Boys State Conference in Tallahassee
~ Republican and Democratic party leaders matched wits for more
than 400 top students from across Florida ~
TALLAHASSEE – In conjunction with the American Legion Boys State Conference, The James Madison Institute (JMI) sponsored a debate between prominent members of the Republican and Democratic parties. The weeklong Boys State conference featured instructional and hands-on learning experiences to introduce Florida politics and public policy to more than 400 top Florida high school boys.“JMI has held this debate for Boy State for several years and every year these young men impress us with their ambition and passion. We are also grateful to our featured speakers who prove that civilized debate about the issues can still take place, ” said Rebecca Liner, JMI executive vice president and former Girls State Delegate. “We’ve watched the interaction between the two party representatives become an eye-opening experience for many. Comments made by speakers spark excitement in the attendees that often fuels their pursuit of success for a lifetime.”This year’s debate was moderated by Liner and held at Florida State University’s Oglesby Ballroom. The two men debating were Rick Minor, a Democrat and Chief of Staff at the Office of the Mayor in Tallahassee and Chuck Hobbs, a Republican, lawyer and political columnist. The first questions dealt with why they chose their political party.“Growing up listening to my dad who was a Republican I couldn’t help be positively influenced by the value he put in personal responsibility and the benefits he talked about when taxes are low and government is limited,” said Hobbs. “These concepts just made sense and imprinted on me. The Founding Fathers created the greatest nation on earth and these principles were key. The American dream just shouldn’t be given away. We have to work for it.”“Government is there to protect and serve all people. We need an entity solely focused on protecting our human rights and providing national security,” said Minor. “People talk about government regulations often in a negative way, but this is another way that government is there serving the best interest of Americans. At the same time, government must be transparent and accountable to every citizen.”Please visit for more information on JMI, and for more information on the American Legion Boys State program. Pictures can be downloaded at:
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