InsiderOnline Blog: February 2015
“What Do the Castro Regime and the Florida Education Association Have in Common?”
February 10, 2015
By  Alex AdriansonThey don’t want kids attending schools not run by the government.Cuban dictator Fidel Castro shut down La Progresiva Presbyterian School in 1961. Ten years later, the school reopened in Miami and today serves mainly students from low-income households where Spanish is the primary language. Many of those students attend the school with the help of tax credit scholarships. The Florida Education Association, however, has sued to terminate the tax credits, claiming they divert resources from public schools. William Mattox of the James Madison Institute points out that the claim is false in the first place, but irrelevant in the second place: “[T]he public’s interest in helping needy students like Valentin would surely deserve higher priority than worrying about whether every last student attends a government-run school. This is, after all, America – not Castro’s Cuba.” [USA Today, January 5]The James Madison Institute profiles Valentin Mendez, a student who is thriving at La Progresiva after floundering in public schools: