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Durden Center for the Advancement of Liberty

The K. Earl Durden Center for the Advancement of Liberty helps build support for all of JMI’s policy priorities and programs. The Center staff is dedicated to raising these funds through private individuals, foundations, and corporations, through a combination of grants and other major gifts, direct mail, fundraising events and the Institute’s membership program.

The Center also houses an extensive library of books on liberty, founding principles, economics, history and a wide range of public policy topics. JMI members have exclusive access to this library, which is located inside JMI’s headquarters at The Columns.

The Center is named in honor of the late K. Earl Durden, (1936-2010) a businessman and philanthropist from Panama City, Florida, who served on the board of directors of The James Madison Institute. Before his passing in 2010, Mr. Durden made a significant contribution to The Columns capital campaign. While he never lived to see the Institute’s staff move into and work from The Columns, his legacy is remembered each and every day as JMI staff and visitors pass through the JMI library.

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