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Barnett Young Leaders Center

The Carol and Barney Barnett Young Leaders Center houses our JMI Internship Program. A diverse group of students gather at the JMI headquarters each semester to assist in all departments ranging from communications and policy, to development and events. Students are introduced to JMI’s mission and principles while gaining valuable knowledge and experience that furthers them in their career pursuits. To apply for the internship program, click here.

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FSU spurring Florida’s rise to prominence on campus free speech | Opinion

William Mattox 11/9/2020 John Thrasher’s tenure as president of Florida State University someday will be remembered as a time when FSU made a dramatic leap in the U.S. News national rankings, rising to become a Top 20 public university. But it should also be hailed for a less-recognized accomplishment – FSU’s [...]

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You’ve Come a Long Way, Florida

J. Robert McClure / @JmsMadisonInst / November 06, 2020 The Daily Signal Election Day 2020 was many things to many people—depending on your age, philosophy, and geography. It’s probably a Rorschach test for the country. It’s a reminder that our nation is large and complicated, with diverse perspectives crossing numerous cultural lines. For millions [...]

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