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Barnett Young Leaders Center

The Carol and Barney Barnett Young Leaders Center houses our JMI Internship Program. A diverse group of students gather at the JMI headquarters each semester to assist in all departments ranging from communications and policy, to development and events. Students are introduced to JMI’s mission and principles while gaining valuable knowledge and experience that furthers them in their career pursuits. To apply for the internship program, click here.

Recent News

Spill the Tea- Episode 6

On this episode of Spill the Tea, Dr. Bob McClure and Logan Padgett talk about real Christmas trees vs. fake trees, the price of gasoline, birth rates declining for the sixth year in a row, the Great Resignation, the Omicron Covid-19 variant, and other topics.

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Reason: What Is Web3 and Why Is Everyone Suddenly Talking About It?

Meet the new hype cycle about new tools for online decentralization. Technological improvements have tended to follow a predictable pattern of initial excitement, subsequent disappointment, and eventual resurgence called a hype cycle. First, a new technology is dreamed or introduced, and suddenly everyone can't stop talking about how it is going [...]

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