Starbucks’ Last Straw

By Patrick Martin Starbucks’ decision to discontinue its use of plastic straws is an example of a market-based solution in action. The coffee giant made the decision to expand its use of a strawless “sippy cup” style lid earlier this month. The decision follows a years-long movement in the U.S. [...]

The Military’s Overlooked Role in Florida’s Economy

By: Connor James Florida’s Military Installations/Defense Business Employment: 801,747 jobs[1] Population of: Alaska: 739,795; District of Columbia: 693,972; North Dakota: 755,393; Vermont: 623,657; Wyoming: 579,315 Let’s not talk about tourism. Rather than discuss how the tourism industry is Florida’s economic savior, the focus should be on what narrowing Florida’s vision [...]

The Startup Economy

By: Connor James With talk of the nation’s biggest companies including Facebook[1] and Google[2] holding a great deal of market share, it serves as a great time to look back to the beginnings of the goliaths: as startups. Whether it’s Facebook, Google, Amazon, or Apple, they each began at the [...]

The Art of the Trade War

The Art of the Trade War By Patrick Martin Since 1975, The United States has had the highest trade deficit in the world. In 2017, the amount of the deficit was $566 billion.[1] This means that the U.S. imports more goods than it exports. In some cases, the U.S. no [...]

Janus v AFSCME

The Nation Follows Florida’s Right-To-Work Lead By: Connor James Florida led the way, and the nation has finally followed. On June 27, the United States Supreme Court issued a decision that prevents public sector unions from forcing non-union workers to pay fees if they choose not to.[i] The decision also [...]

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