ESGs: Invest with Caution

Chloe Kauffman and Mason Robinson October 31, 2022 In recent years, a growing cohort of individual investors have been considering and participating in efforts to tie their asset portfolios to their political or social values, a practice known as ‘socially responsible investing’ (SRI). While SRI can be—and has been—employed in [...]

How To Break the Cycle of Poverty

A recent report from the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) and the Institute for Family Studies (IFS) details the remarkable power of the “Success Sequence”  to generate upward mobility. The “Success Sequence” is a thoroughly researched, three-part formula for overcoming poverty: (1) complete at least a high school education, (2) get [...]

Is Florida Such A Tax-Friendly State?

Florida has become the ultimate destination for retirees and “refugees” from other states, with people moving to Florida at record high numbers. Migrants move to the Sunshine State for everything from its beautiful beaches and diverse cultures to its business-friendly environment and small government policies like school choice. But one [...]

Why Are People Moving to Florida?

The Sunshine State has experienced massive migration from states like New York Florida has consistently been the top location for millions of Americans’ spring breaks and summer vacations, but in recent years it’s also become one of their most preferred destinations to move to. For more than a decade, Florida [...]

These Shocking Graphs Show Florida’s Far Better COVID Outcomes With Far Milder Lockdown Than New York, California

By Elle Reynolds February 18, 2021 Gov. Ron DeSantis has put the leaders of locked-down blue states to shame, and Democrat politicians are ashamed to admit it. On a flight out of Orlando last month, I met a friendly Canadian family with three young children. We started chatting, and I [...]

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