By George Johnson, JMI Intern & FSU Senior in Economics
On April 13th at Florida State University, JMI held its fifth Madison Movie Night, a monthly screening of a film or documentary promoting the message of liberty.  The film for April was, appropriately, a documentary entitled “An Inconvenient Tax”.  The film explores the history of the notoriously complicated income tax and the causes of its many complexities. The film follows the tax through wars, economic booms, and significant presidencies in U.S. history.  It also discussed possible alternatives to the federal income tax, such as a flat tax or the Fair Tax.After the film, JMI’s Development Director Francisco Gonzalez led a discussion with the audience about the film.  Audience members, including Professor Lora Holcombe of  FSU’s Economics Department, chimed in with their own bits of wisdom regarding problems with the tax and the merits of its alternatives.   We at JMI would like to thank everyone who came out for the viewing, and encourage you to leave any feedback you may have about the event in the comment section below.  We also welcome comments from anyone else who has seen the film and would like to offer their opinions.