By Dr. J. Robert McClure III, JMI President & CEO
If you want a sneak peek at the possible future of the Obama Administration’s America, the country of Greece and its current situation offers the perfect lesson. Greece’s economy is smaller than that of California, Texas, New York, Florida and several other states. It is a nation that has everything those on the Left in this country desire for America: cradle to grave social programs, bloated public employee unions with tremendous influence over policy, high taxes and massive government spending. This should be a Utopian society, right? Yet Greece is completely bankrupt and in utter chaos.The question then is how does one reform it, or is Greece “too big to fail”? Is the answer for reform there more of the same? Of course not… The miniscule belt-tightening on the part of the government has resulted in anarchy from those who are on the government dole, and should be a sober warning as to the difficulties of reforming any Socialist European-style form of government. And yet that country should be the paragon for those on the Left.The choice could not be more clear for the future of our country as to which road we must travel. And it is why those of us who understand the history of this great freedom-loving nation have no choice but to defeat those statists who want today’s Greece as the future of America.