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Daniel Peterson



The Orlando-based Coalition for Property Rights established in 2001, is incorporated under JMI as the Institute’s new Center for Property Rights. Daniel Peterson, the Coalition’s former executive director, is the director of this Center and continues to reside in Orlando. As the director for the Center for Property Rights at The James Madison Institute, he oversees the efforts of securing the fundamental right to property for all Floridians. Dan has been deeply involved in the central Florida business and political communities since 1999. Previously, he worked in both the Florida Senate and the Florida House as a legislative assistant. Prior to that, he was a public affairs manager for SPRINT. His responsibilities included lobbying, community affairs and serving on numerous boards.

Before moving to Orlando in 1998, Dan served as Campus Crusade’s director of affairs for Eurasia (the former Soviet Union). During his 14 years of residency in Moscow, Russia, Dan traveled extensively as a seminar leader and conference speaker. Dan is also a former recording artist with SSS International Records. He still plays as a solo artist at various venues around Central Florida.

Fun Fact

Dan began residing in Moscow as a math teacher at the Anglo-American diplomatic school. This allowed him to pursue his real goal in being there: to make contacts with underground religious dissidents. Contacts were very carefully made and networks established. It culminated in January 1987 with a month of prayer, praying for freedom based on Jeremiah 29. The 70th year of Communist captivity in Russia was in 1987 (1917 – 1987). From the end of January until Christmas Day 1991, when Gorbachev dissolved the Communist Party, the USSR began to unravel. What an adventure! This led to another eight years of residency (1990 – 1998) and taking the gospel to millions who had never heard.