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Florida Verve

Engaging the culture. That’s the goal of the Florida Verve, an online hub of Florida history and happenings launched through JMI. The word verve is used to describe the spirit and enthusiasm animating artistic composition or performance. If Florida can’t be described as having a unique, often-inventive flair, we don’t know what can. Our state is one-of-a-kind, from a demographic and economic standpoint, and we like it that way.

Currently, the Florida Verve showcases photos from moments in Florida’s history. As many have said, it’s important to know about your past to understand your present. Society, and our great state, have both changed a lot over time — the state has experienced both challenges and triumphs, which have helped shape the Florida of today.

At JMI and through the Florida Verve, we want to help preserve and promote Florida’s rich history, while lighting a path for the Sunshine State to blaze bright into the future. If you haven’t taken a moment to visit the site, we encourage you to view the early projects we’ve got going on, including Florida-specific book reviews and articles about moments in Florida’s history. Soon, we will be posting submissions (video, photos, columns, reviews and short articles) from our many members and friends.

Tell us what you think about the site, and submit your own ideas. Email the editor of the Florida Verve, Scott Sholl at ssholl@jamesmadison.org if you are interested in sharing your thoughts and submissions. In the meantime, keep up with the Florida Verve by visiting the site, following on Twitter (@VerveFL) and viewing photos on Flickr.