By Robert F. Sanchez, JMI Policy Director
With billions of dollars at stake and the American public’s welfare hanging in the balance, the two opposing sides remained intransigent for months on end while the world watched with increasing anxiety and dismay. The adversaries pointed fingers. They cast blame. They said nasty things about each other. They used high-powered PR campaigns to woo public support. They negotiated through the media. They threatened endless litigation. They warned of calamity and Armageddon if no deal were sealed by the looming deadline.Finally, however, reason has prevailed, to the relief of millions of worried Americans from Atlantic City to Las Vegas. Barring the emergence of some final obstacle, there will be a National Football League season after all. The bad news: It’ll culminate with Super Bowl XLVI on February 5, 2012 at Lucas Oil Stadium in balmy Indianapolis, Indiana, which pretty much rules out the beach-related activities or French Quarter frivolity that fans enjoy when the Big Game is held in warmer climes. The other bad news is that the game will be televised by, and bring a big wad of cash to, NBC, whose sister network on cable, MSNBC, is a constant conduit for vile unadulterated propaganda trashing free markets and promoting big government.Oh well, as the Washington politicians negotiating an end to the “debt crisis” have discovered, you win some, and you lose some.