In January 2011, JMI Development Director Francisco Gonzalez interviewed Gianni Breuer of North Palm Beach, FL. Since September 2010, Gianni has been living and working in Beijing, China in the import/export industry. Gianni graduated from the University of Richmond in May 2010, where he majored in sociology with a concentration in regional economics. A native English speaker, he is also fluent in Spanish and Italian and is proficient in French and Mandarin (Chinese). He has studied abroad in Spain, Italy, and France; has worked for a private company in Slovakia, for the United Nations in Peru, in the finance industry in Miami and Chicago, and at a medical clinic in Palm Beach Gardens. Gianni is 23 years old.
Part I: Moving to China 
Part II: Free Enterprise and Communism:Education, Health Care, and Internet Access
Part III: China’s Future and the U.S./China Trade Imbalance 
Part IV: Economic Growth in China: Pollution, Human Rights, Capital Investments and Foreigners