JMI President/CEO Bob McClure & Senior Fellow Dr. Randy Holcombe quoted on gubernatorial candidates Sink and Scott’s proposals to boost employment in Sunshine State News article “Whose Job Plan Works Best for Florida” by Ken Ward.Excerpt:
….J. Robert McClure, president of the James Madison Institute, a nonpartisan, conservative think-tank in Tallahassee, says, “Floridians are fortunate that both major parties’ candidates for governor have had some real-world experience in business. Judging from their economic platforms, each seems to realize that government doesn’t create jobs — a fact that ought to be obvious in the abject failure of the federal government’s so-called stimulus legislation.“Indeed, sustainable job creation occurs in the private sector, especially at the small-business level. So even though there are some constructive steps that the government can take, the best job-creation strategy is for government to ease some of the job-stifling burdens that state and local governments have imposed on Florida’s private sector.“These burdens — high business taxes and fees, excessive red tape, and costly, frivolous lawsuits — have seriously damaged Florida’s business climate and left the state less competitive with other states than its location and other natural advantages suggest that it ought to be.“Although each candidate appears to recognize these imperatives, taking the steps necessary to restore Florida’s business climate in the current economy will require a real knack for leadership. In the end, voters will decide which of the candidates is better suited to provide that kind of leadership.”