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The Wave of the Future

Why 'Micro' Education Merits Greater Attention from Policymakers
William Mattox | August 15, 2016

When teen golfer Abbey Carlson speaks of “flight time,” she could just as easily be talking about the timespan one of her drives stays in the air as she could the aviation schedule for her next solo excursion in the plane she helped build. Carlson, you see, is a 2016 graduate of an innovative “school of the future” in Central Florida that has offerings in both golf and aviation. Yet, the “school of the future” tag probably has more to do with the school’s unique structure than it does the diverse array of courses and extracurricular activities that helped Carlson land a full scholarship to Vanderbilt University. To understand this structure, think college – not high school. 

2016 Amendment Guide

August 3, 2016

As November 8, 2016 quickly approaches, Floridians are preparing to cast their collective votes to decide who will best represent the timeless constitutional ideals of limited government, free-markets and individual liberty. However, there is one lesser-regarded, but equally important, section of the ballot many will, to their disadvantage, either skim or avoid altogether: ballot initiatives and constitutional amendments.