The concept of federalism is as old as our republic. The United States was founded as a federalist society – made up of states serving as “laboratories of democracy.” The adherence to this principle is under threat, as an ever-expanding federal bureaucracy infringes upon states in ways that would make our founders cringe.

Most often, federal control is exerted indirectly – through financial ties in grants, reliance of federal dollars, and agency rulemaking. We stand ready to assist our policymakers in identifying ways to reduce the influence of federal bureaucracies in Florida’s affairs.

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Leave Education to Those Doing a Better Job: The States

Recently, none other than Sens. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y. and Elizabeth Warren,D-Mass., brought tears of joy to my eyes as they pronounced themselves stalwart federalists. The fact that they were taking this position solely on the issue of marijuana policy was mystifying, but I’m good with baby steps. Welcome to [...]

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2018 Legislative Summary

(pdf download) Statement on the 2018 Legislative Session from JMI’s President and CEO “The 2018 Florida Legislative Session was an important session for Florida’s future. The policy team at The James Madison Institute worked overtime in Tallahassee and beyond to inform state policymakers on efforts to advance limited government, [...]

JMI’s Sal Nuzzo at the Supreme Court: Part 1

May it Please the Court… It’s 6:45 in the morning, about 48 degrees, and I’ve already been in line two hours. I originally planned to be at the Court around 7, but a good friend advised me to camp out the night before. I wasn’t willing to sleep outside [...]

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