Children have different gifts, talents, needs, and interests. They learn in different ways. For too long, education policy has been built on an industrial model of mass schooling that fails to account adequately for the uniqueness of each student. As a result, many students are poorly served by our one-size-fits-all educational system and the interests of taxpayers are compromised as well. Since central planners make most key decisions about education rather than parents, our “uniform” system of education is largely seperated from the kinds of market forces that help produce the highest possible educational outcomes at the lowest possible price.

The J. Stanley Marshall Center for Educational Options at The James Madison Institute seeks to advance policy reforms that empower Florida parents to choose the schools, courses, resources, and programs that best meet their child’s unique needs, interests, aptitudes, and learning styles. Like JMI’s founder and namesake of the Center, Dr. Marshall, the Marshall Center has a special concern for disadvantaged students who have often been denied high-quality learning opportunities. Read more about the Marshall Center here.

While it is appropriate for education reform efforts to give top priority to disadvantaged students, all K-12 students deserve an education that is tailored to fit them.  For this reason, JMI supports universal choice in education so that every Florida child has access to the schools, courses, and educational programs that best meet their unique needs, interests, abilities, and learning styles.

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Making Florida An “Education Destination”

How Consolidating School Choice Scholarships Will Help. A funny thing happened last fall while many governors were yielding to teacher union demands to keep schools closed: Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis not only found that it was safe to open schools, but that education policy could be a magnet for attracting new residents [...]

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Florida universities would benefit from free expression survey

A recent survey conducted by a team of ideologically diverse scholars at the University of North Carolina ought to get the attention of Florida legislators and university officials interested in positioning our state schools for future success in the increasingly illiberal world of higher education. The survey, which measured the [...]

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STATEMENT RELEASE: New JMI Report Calls for Survey to Measure Free Speech Among Florida Universities

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE December 16, 2020 CONTACT: Logan Elizabeth Padgett 850-386-3131 NEW JMI REPORT CALLS FOR SURVEY TO MEASURE FREE SPEECH AMONG FLORIDA UNIVERSITIES TALLAHASSEE –A new report by The James Madison Institute’s Stan Marshall Center entitled, “Combatting ‘Idea Suppression:’ How Florida Universities Can Continue their Rise to National Prominence,” [...]

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