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Center for Technology and Innovation

If there is anything that can be said about the 21st Century it is this – that we are in the midst of a technology revolution that has fundamentally altered, and continues to alter, the very fabric of our lives. The pace of change is so fast that entire industries are forced into a “keep pace or die trying” mentality.

Whether it is the advent of driverless cars, the use of technology in delivering healthcare services, or the deployment of 5G broadband across the state, policymakers will be faced with ever more important decisions every year.

The mission of the Center for Technology and Innovation is to provide meaningful and practical solutions to technology advances currently occurring, while also promoting a policy landscape is conducive to advances that are yet to come.


How States Give a Green Light to Driverless Cars and What Comes Next

Jennifer Huddleston Word Count: 681 Many states including Florida have cleared a path for driverless cars. In fact, 29 states and the District of Columbia have enacted some kind of legislation related to autonomous vehicles. These state laws vary significantly in what they do and as a result have had [...]

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Chris Koopman

On this episode of Pundits on the Porch, JMI's Vice President of Policy Sal Nuzzo interview Chris Koopman, Senior Director of Strategy and Research at the Center for Growth and Opportunity at Utah State University. Chris is also the Adjunct Director of JMI's new Center for Technology and Telecommunications. The mission [...]

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Improve Government Data To Increase Transparency

By Adam A. Millsap and Austin Eovito It’s widely recognized that government transparency is crucial for limiting corruption and maintaining public trust. Florida’s state and local governments are required to record and publish important financial data and the Florida Sunshine Law guarantees citizen’s have access to these data. Unfortunately, the [...]

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