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Center for Economic Prosperity

Across the U.S., free-enterprise believers and entrepreneurs face substantial and, at times, overwhelming barriers to bringing new, exciting and potentially superior products and services to market. These barriers are unnatural and artificial – they seek only to protect entrenched interests at the expense of market-based competition. In the end, consumers, economic prosperity and liberty lose out.

A recent study examined the business climate in California and determined that the tax climate, cost of compliance in regulatory environment, and various burdens placed on businesses have directly driven thousands of companies away from California. Hidden in this quantifiable analysis is the fact that the everyday effects of business decision-making don’t make the numbers — the employees not hired, the facilities not expanded, the markets not entered into. Whether in the healthcare arena through the onerous directives of Obamacare or monopolies attempting to force competition out of the market, regulations that stifle innovation should be eliminated.

The mission of the Center for Economic Prosperity is to promote free-market solutions that unleash entrepreneurialism and fuel the American economic engine for all. The Center publishes scholarly work, holds educational campaigns and events, builds coalitions and promotes policy reform in the areas of:

Recent Work

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