Amendment 1 and Restoration: More Complex than Simple Land Acquisition

Posted 06/05/2015

During the 2015 special session, a controversial topic involving Amendment 1 funding entangles a push to purchase land south of Lake Okeechobee in the Everglades Agricultural Area (EAA). Extreme elements of the environmental movement have made it sound as though the simple purchase of one property will “save the Everglades.” If the Everglades ecosystem is …

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Context Florida: Private schools must pass the ‘Mary McLeod Bethune’ test

Posted 04/30/2014

Florida legislators demanding more “accountability” as a condition for expanding the state’s premier school-choice program could learn a very valuable lesson from the example set by the late, great Mary McLeod Bethune. When Bethune opened her Daytona School for Negro Girls in 1904, she knew success would depend on satisfying two different constituencies — parents …

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2011 October – “Future Leaders Gain Insight from Officials”

Posted 10/15/2011

By Dr. J. Robert McClure III, JMI President & CEO  Letter to the Editor of the  Tallahassee Democrat regarding Youth Leadership Tallahassee’s Government and Education Day: We understand why it’s common for citizens to give government leaders grief – we do that ourselves from time to time – but we also recognize that public officials often do …

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2011 July–”Lt. Gov. Carroll Headlines JMI Panel Featuring Women in Government”

Posted 07/18/2011

By Dana Edwards Jennifer Carroll told more than 300 Girls State delegates that being Florida’s first African-American Lt. Governor was “never part of my personal plan – but, sometimes, you have to be open to higher plans.”< Speaking on a panel organized by the James Madison Institute (JMI), Carroll retraced the steps that led to …

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2011 April – “Putting America’s Kids on the Lame Duck Diet”

Posted 04/20/2011

By Robert Sanchez, JMI Policy Director Who knows best when it comes to deciding what America’s schoolchildren ought to eat? Should their parents decide? Apparently not; in fact, some Chicago schools have barred pupils from bringing lunches from home. Could it be school cafeterias’ managers? After all, they’re presumably informed about nutrition and aware of …

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2011 March – “Interview with a Floridian . . . Living & Working in China” (PDF)

Posted 03/30/2011

In January 2011, JMI Development Director Francisco Gonzalez interviewed Gianni Breuer of North Palm Beach, FL. Since September 2010, Gianni has been living and working in Beijing, China in the import/export industry. Gianni graduated from the University of Richmond in May 2010, where he majored in sociology with a concentration in regional economics. A native …

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2010 December – “Federal VAT Would Be Bad for Florida”

Posted 12/30/2010

Federal VAT Would Be Bad for Florida By Dr. Randall Holcombe As printed in the St. Petersburg Times, December 29, 2010 One idea circulating through the Capitol is the implementation of a national value-added tax, or VAT. This truly harmful tax would have a significant negative impact on all states, but the pain would be …

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2010 July – “2 Teachers + 4 Names = S.B. 6″

Posted 07/12/2010

By William Mattox, JMI Resident Fellow If it weren’t for two teachers with four last names, I might well be among those who are skeptical about proposals to tie teacher pay to student performance.  I come, after all, from a household that reveres teachers – our extended family is full of them – and I’m …

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2010 June – Reviving Our “Laboratories of Democracy” (PDF)

Posted 06/22/2010

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2009 July – Florida’s Message to Insurers: Keep Out! (PDF)

Posted 07/01/2009

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