JMI EMAIL May 17, 2013: “If men were angels…”

Posted 05/17/2013

  Friends,   Exposure of the scandal at the Internal Revenue Service, which targeted conservative groups, is a reminder of how America’s distrust of granting too much power to the government is deeply rooted in our national ethos and goes back to our nation’s founding.   After the Revolutionary War, Americans were restless. The new …

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EMAIL: 2013 FL Legislative Session Breakdown from JMI

Posted 05/10/2013

  2013 Florida Legislative Session Breakdown A summary of many of the public policy decisions made in 2013, where they stand and what they’ll mean for Florida. Another Florida Legislative Session has come and gone…   Headquartered in Florida’s Capital City, The James Madison Institute (JMI) team knows Tallahassee still hums after the Sine Die …

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Current Edition of Madison Policy Digest

Posted 03/05/2011

Madison Policy Digest is on hiatus until 2013. Be on the watch for the return of MPD with a refreshed and updated format. Subscription to Institute e-newsletters are free. To sign up, scroll to the bottom of the page, enter your e-mail address, and click on the subscribe button.

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  • Travis Keels, JMI director of public affairs, testifies on ticket sales legislation SB 742 in Senate Committee on Commerce and Tourism
    (Mar 30)
  • Sal Nuzzo, JMI policy vp, testifies on juvenile records expungement legislation SB 1316 in Senate Committee on Criminal Justice
    Capitol (Mar 30)
  • Sal Nuzzo, JMI policy vp, attends House Justice Appropriations Committee to waive in support of juvenile records expungement legislation HB 7105
    Capitol (Mar 30)
  • Dan Peterson, JMI's director of the Center for Property Rights, testifies in House Appropriations Committee
    Capitol (Mar 25)
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