Florida: The Turnaround Story

Posted 08/18/2014

  http://www.floridajobs.org/ http://www.floridajobs.org/docs/default-source/communicationsfiles/fl_turnaround.pdf?sfvrsn=30

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JMI Email: Involve me and I learn.

Posted 07/24/2014

Dr. Franklin said it best — and here at JMI we involve Floridians, across the state and all ages, in a variety of fun and informative events to highlight the importance of economic freedom and the principles of the foundation of our great nation. Involvement is the cornerstone of our outreach efforts, and events are …

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Context Florida: Private schools must pass the ‘Mary McLeod Bethune’ test

Posted 04/30/2014

Florida legislators demanding more “accountability” as a condition for expanding the state’s premier school-choice program could learn a very valuable lesson from the example set by the late, great Mary McLeod Bethune. When Bethune opened her Daytona School for Negro Girls in 1904, she knew success would depend on satisfying two different constituencies — parents …

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2014 – Policy Brief – “Florida Retirement System Reform: Why Now?”

Posted 04/16/2014

Read the full report: Florida Retirement System Reform: Why Now? Executive Summary: The Florida Retirement System should move toward a defined contribution system now to avoid the unfunded liabilities that continue to build because of its cur- rent structure as a defined benefit system.  Opponents of reform argue the current system is 85 percent funded …

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Fall 2013/Winter 2014 — The Messenger

Posted 04/08/2014

INSIDE THIS ISSUE: President’s Message Sayfie Review Orlando Hitting the Ground Running Constitution Day Reviving an Old Concept You’re Always Welcome Choice in Education From FAU to FIU Regional Boards of Advisors VIEW MESSENGER: Fall 2013/Winter 2014 Messenger (PDF) View online Flipbook here.

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Release: Alternatives to Expanding Florida’s Medicaid Program Outlined in Latest JMI Policy Brief

Posted 03/12/2014

CONTACT: Valerie Wickboldt (850) 386-3131 vwickboldt@jamesmadison.org            Alternatives to Expanding Florida’s Medicaid Program Outlined in Latest JMI Policy Brief ~ Study explores the Medicaid program’s multitude of issues; Offers reminder of why Medicaid expansion is unwise ~ TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Although a Medicaid expansion under the provisions of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act …

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2014 – Policy Brief – “Better Returns for a Safer Florida”

Posted 03/06/2014

Read the full report: Better Returns for a Safer Florida: Aligning Taxpayer Investments in the Juvenile Justice System with Strategies Proven to Increase Public Safety Executive Summary: Holding Youths Accountable at Home Means Safer Communities. Floridians value safe communities and desire a balanced justice system rooted in common sense. In the last few years Florida …

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2014 Winter-Spring Edition of The JMI Journal

Posted 02/25/2014

VIEW FULL JOURNAL: Winter-Spring 2014 Florida Ranks High on Issues That Matter (PDF).

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RELEASE: Florida’s Dirty Dozen: Twelve Repealers That Can Boost Business, Create Jobs and Change Florida’s Economic Policy for the Better

Posted 02/18/2014

The Institute for Justice just released their latest study, “Florida’s Dirty Dozen: Twelve Repealers That Can Boost Business, Create Jobs,and Change Florida’s Economic Policy for the Better” with foreword from Dr. Bob McClure, president and CEO of The James Madison Institute. Read the full study here. Foreword from Dr. McClure: Governments too often go well …

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EMAIL: Thrift Week starts today! How will you celebrate?

Posted 01/17/2014

  Celebrate Thrift Week with Us! Gov. Rick Scott and CFO Jeff Atwater Present Thrift Week Proclamation to JMI President as The Institute Prepares to Unveil New Civics and Economics Education Website.       To work toward the goal of making the notable concepts of Thrift Week as well known among Florida’s youth as the lyrics …

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